The Eli-Che

Services for students with disability and disadvantage people

Services for students with D.S.A.

Services for students with B.E.S.

Quality University accredited ANVUR - FASCIA A


…well then, here I am again, emilia caronna, for another year acting as delegate of the new Rector, paolo andrei, with the function of coordinating the Initiatives for disabled students and disadvantaged people... I am still working with student with difficulties, disabilities, specific learning disorders, special educational needs... I am here, surrounded by excellent collaborators with great will and extensive experience, who constantly help me find the right solution for each of you... if you have either a Secondary School diploma, or the state certification exam, please, come to see us, give us a call or write to us, in other words, get in touch with us, we will find the right strategies and the necessary services....

...you are a human being with all the rights, we only have to find the appropriate methods...that is why your graduation is also, to some extent, ours... 

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