The Eli-Che

Services for students with disability and disadvantage people

Services for students with D.S.A.

Services for students with B.E.S.

Delegate’s staff

You can get in touch with me, or with my collaborators.

You can find us at 5, Vicolo dei Mulini:

Annalisa Andreetti, administration executive, case worker, she is part of the team for Students with Learning Disorders (DSA)  tel. +39 0521.903568, annalisa.andreetti@unipr.it

Monica Marazzini, naturalist, LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpreter, and expert in using special devices for persons with disability, tel. +39 0521.903571, monica.marazzini@unipr.it

Massimo Sassi, sport psychologist, he manages an orientational help desk for sports and tutors tel. +39 0521.903570, massimo.sassi@nemo.unipr.it

Bianca Trifirò, psychologist and psychotherapist, expert of diagnosis for Students with Learning Disorders (DSA) and compensational techniques  tel. +39  0521.903569, bianca.trifiro@nemo.unipr.it

Susanna Serranò, speech therapist, she is part of the team for Students with Learning Disorders (DSA)  tel. +39 0521.903572, dis-abile@unipr.it

In Parma Piazzale San Francesco, 3

Daniela Barantani, - Contributions and Right-to-Study, tel. +39 0521.904075, daniela.barantani@unipr.it

Guido Di Lorenzo,  -  Aid to disadvantaged people, tel. +39 0521.904079, guido.dilorenzo@unipr.it

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