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Services for students with disability and disadvantage people

Services for students with D.S.A.

Services for students with B.E.S.

Quality University accredited ANVUR - FASCIA A

Services for all
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability, New York City, December 6, 2006, article 24/5. Ratified by Italian Parliament: Law n.18 - March 3, 2009

Admission and registration: to enroll at university you must have an upper school certificate, or any other equivalent acknowledged certificate. Generic references will not be accepted. Our regulations require a proper starting preparation, and set the necessary entrance knowledge and audit procedures (even after propaedeutic training courses). Special extra requirements could be set for the first year. At our website home page (www.unipr.it) you will find accession criteria to free admittance Degree Courses, or selection tests criteria for fixed numbers Degree Courses. Registrations to fixed numbers Degree Courses can be fulfilled only by web at www.unipr.it. Any internet-connected pc will be fit

66% (or more) invalidity: if your invalidity is certified 66% or more by ASL (Health Service), you can be totally exempt form univeristary fees (you will only pay the regional and governative fees) and you can join all the services we offer. When you matriculate, remeber to fill Invalidity Self-Certification (A/23 form)

Lesser than 66% invalidity and/or Law 104/92: if your certified invalidity is lesser than 66%, contact us. We will check togheter which opportunities can be offered to you. When you matriculate, fill A38-3 form

Special Committee: is a University Commitee to whom you can ask for total or partial  exemption from university fees. If you suffer from temporary or permanent economic difficulties, we can help you to correctly ask for the exemption

Additional Place Degree Courses: most of the Degree Courses, expecially in the Health area, have a fixed number admittance During the selection, a Special Committee will evaluate your specific needs. To join the selection test you must fill A/38-bis form

Fixed number Degree Courses: some Degree Courses have a fixed number admittance. Then, before enrolling, you have to pass a selection test. If you have a 66% (or more) certified invalidity, to join a fixed number Degree Course you have to fill A/38 form


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