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Services for students with disability and disadvantage people

Services for students with D.S.A.

Services for students with B.E.S.

Quality University accredited ANVUR - FASCIA A

Services on request
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability, New York City, December 6, 2006, article 4/1-g. Ratified by Italian Parliament: Law n.18 - March 3, 2009

Before choosing your Degree Course, you can contact us at +39 0521.033572 or send us an e-mail to dis-abile@unipr.it . You can also meet the Delegate of the Rector and discuss with her your specific interests and your study tasks. You will also be informed about our free services, made possible thanks to a special budget provided each year by Ministry of University (Miur).

Peer-tutors: are students who formally declared their own disponibility to be at your side during your study career. A special commission chaired by the Delegate of the Rector examines each request to became a tutor, examinations, curriculum vitae, and announces the final classification. Tutors have to follow a training and are recognized by a Rector’s decree. Their task is just that of following you in the classroom, taking notes for you during lessons, helping you build relations with professors and other students. They get paid 200 hours a month

Tutorship: is an individual customized teaching, provided by a professor on three levels:
level 1 to be followed in planning your study career
level 2 to be followed in solving specific problems
level 3 to ask for individual lessons: 15 hours, twice a year

Support in examination tasks: thanks to law n.104/92 you can sit for an examination under special conditions: extra-time, written test instead of an oral one (or vice versa), customized digital devices, text enlargement, help by a peer-tutor that can write or read for you

Lessons summary and notes: we can ask your professors for lessons summaries and notes

Enlarged text books: if possible, we can ask Publishing Houses an accessible format text

Audiobooks: you can enroll at Monza Italian Library for blind people, ask for books in electronic format and read them by using vocal synthesis

Accessible study spaces: we arranged full-accessibile informational study spaces, with web connection, adjustable tables, remote control, vocal synthesis, personal computer with wireless keyboard and mouse, low-vision keyboard, table image-enlarger, poetcompact or audiobook (available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish language). These instruments are available in many places: in 10 faculties and many University libraries, at our desk in vicolo dei mulini n° 5, at International Public Library “Ilaria Alpi” (vicolo delle asse n° 5) and at Cepdi desk (via stirone n° 4)

Support to self-sufficiency: we reached an agreement with a social cooperative to provide any support to non-resident students, thank to professional health-operators who will take care of you for all your daily needs inside the University

Non-Psychological Counseling: the same if you need counseling service about Speech-Language Pathology, Sport, or Sports-medicine

Remote controls to reach University classrooms by car: in case of particular needs or difficulties we can provide you a remote control to enter your classrooms by car

Temporary allowance: if you have a temporary motorial disadvantage, we can give you a special allowance to reach your classroom by car

Physical Obstacles Clearing: each year our University issues a plan to clear physical obstacles and check any place in which obstacles are still on. You can help us by pointing out any critical situation: we will contact the office in charge which will try and solve the problem or find any other solution allowed by the Onu convention. Barriers outside University should be pointed out at the City-Hall Disabled Agency, by calling 800.97.79.79

Accommodation: apartments, canteen, studentships are provided by ER. GO azienda regionale dell'emilia romagna, which has an office in Parma (phone +39 0521/2139, email utentipr@er-go.it). The notice is usually published in July. You have the right to Delegate’s attention: for any problem or question you can contact me: I am the coordination authority between disadvantaged students and all professors

Finally: we give informations and support about:
- examination tests on-line enrollment
- xerox copying

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