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Services for students with disability and disadvantage people

Services for students with D.S.A.

Services for students with B.E.S.

Quality University accredited ANVUR - FASCIA A

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability, New York City, December 6, 2006, article24/1-c. Ratified by Italian Parliament: Law n.18 - March 3, 2009


If you want to leave
Each year on June, M.I.U.R. (University Ministry) publishes an Erasmus Notice dedicated to students with disability. I responsabili dell’ufficio will check the presence of architectural barriers in the european city you choosed and will contact the ministry office in Rome to communicate the right typology of your own disability, the necessity for a tutor or for instruments and special devices for the person with disability. It is possible for you to obtain an extra-budget. Other opportunities to study in UE or non-UE Countries will be explicated by notices of the Foreign Office

Who just leaved

A non-hearing student and his tutor joined Erasmus Project in Spain, Ivan did the same in Scotland, and many others all over Europe. A blind student - for personal and study reasons - decided to leave Italy: thanks to a simple phone e to a clever Foreign Office official we arranged for her a three-months job, nothing less than in Wellington’s (New Zealand) Italian Embassy. When she came back she was glad, graduated, she learned to ski and even to ride… and she introduced us her guide-dog...

Who came
Someone just came here: a student from Boston with a motorial disability spent six months at University of Parma. It has been an opportunity to acquire an electric scooter, and a portable wheel-chair to let her join a guided visit to Natural History Museum. To thank us she translated in English our information leaflet the «Abbecedario»

Who will leave

It’s not easy to convince students with disability to leave. Even with all cautions: they are afraid of increasing their discomfort, they feel worried for an unknown path. We know it’s not easy. But we have faith in you…

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