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Admission Test

 We know that some people have some problems in study due to particular disorders knew as LEARNING DISORDERS. The solution is a specific method to follow, examination by till the Degree.
You need a certificate released by a Specialist Doctor or by a Psychologist of the National Health Service. Certificate can be also released by a private Doctor, but in this case it has to be validated by the National Health Service. When you decided your way, it would be a good idea to get in contact with us: we will help you to orientate between different choices considering your own interests.

There are two cases:
- If you choose an open number Degree Course, you only need to matriculate
- If you choose a Fixed Number Degree Course with an Admission Test, do the preregistration, fill A39 BIS form (Learning Disorders (DSA) Self-certification - Requests for the Admission Test to Fixed Number Courses)
Form filling is not just for bureaucracy: it’s a way to concretely help you. In fact, for the Admission Test day you should obtain:
- extra-time for the written test or the graphic test
- a tutor who can be on your side during the test and read or write instead of you.
You can join just one of these opportunity, or both

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