The Eli-Che

Services for students with disability and disadvantage people

Services for students with D.S.A.

Services for students with B.E.S.

Quality University accredited ANVUR - FASCIA A

 Here we are… It’s not invalidity, nor disability… it’s a learning disorder… and if we can do something for you: why not? Learning disorders are specific difficulties, involving 4/5% of the whole student population. This kind of disorders should require specific approaches: dyslexia, Writing disorder, Dysgraphia, Math disability/ dyscalculia. But we don’t like the conditional mood: we like the present tense and we want to help you. Come here and let’s calmly talk together: we can tell you which opportunities the laws offer, what we have done since 2002, which instruments we can provide, what exactly we can do for you; because we care your study career can be straight and without obstacles…

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