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If you want to enrol at the University and you do not have any diagnosis, if all your assessments date back to a time when you were still under 18 years old, please get in touch with us.
On January 23rd, 2013 our service “Le Eli-Che” drew up an agreement with the Azienda USL in Parma (the local Health Service). The Agreement aims at recognising and certifying any Learning Disorders, in favour of the right to university education of the students enrolled at the University of Parma.

Our purpose is that of accelerating the long times which are usually necessary to obtain a diagnostic certification and that of guaranteeing a better tutelage, starting from your first steps at university and during all your university study course.

The welcoming part, as well as the evaluation phase, the diagnostic assessment and the predisposition of the subsequent steps to follow, are all carried out by the Multi-professional team working for Students with Learning Disorders at “Le Eli-Che”, a team made of  experienced people: a psychologist-psychotherapist, a caseworker and a speech therapist, all coordinated by the Rector's Delegate.

The team will inform you about the results of the diagnostic-therapeutic evaluation and give you useful information on your rights and on the opportunities offered by the laws in force, and offer you also a valid support on your study method and the strategies you can exploit to improve it.

Get in touch with us by phone at 0521/903572 or send us an email at dislessia@unipr.it

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